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Blanche J is a vocalist and songwriter originally from Wildwood, FL. Blanche hails from a family of musicians & singers, and began leading her family choir at the age of 3. A tragic car accident allowed Blanche to find her connection with music, after being physically impaired at 14 years old. An alumna of Florida A&M University, it was during her time at FAMU, that Blanche started to nurture her background in NeoSoul, R&B, Gospel, and Classical music.


Blanche J relocated to Charlotte, NC, in 2009, where local jazz artist & producer, Paul Whitley, pushed her to share her voice with the world in the form of real music. In 2013, Blanche J released her very first EP, entitled iAmMuziq, produced by Paul, with single, You Are the One. Blanche later teamed up with indie artist, songwriter, & producer, Micki Miller, and released her next EP, voice memos a, led by single Grey Skies in December 2018. Blanche's latest project, voice memos b, released in September 2019 and also produced by Micki, is buzzing internationally, spending time on top of the music charts and being nominated for People's Choice awards in the UK.


Blanche J currently resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, area, where she is continuing her pursuit of spreading love and healing through music.

"I want to be your favorite artist's favorite artist" - Blanche J

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