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Born to a family of vocalists and musicians In Wildwood, FL, Blanche J had very little choice for a hobby.  It was her big voice that most impressed those that came in contact with her. 

Blanche J went to Florida A&M University as a member of the Concert Choir, and later the Gospel Choir. She was also frequently seen leading Praise and Worship at several churches in and around Tallahassee, FL. Shortly after graduating, Blanche relocated to Charlotte, NC, where she set out to learn the music scene in her new home. Here she met and formed a bond with local jazz artist, Paul Whitley. 

Blanche J's background in soul, R&B, gospel and classical music shines through in everything she sings. She manages to take the most essential aspects of each genre of music and blends it every so masterfully, making it artistically pleasing to the ear.
Blanche J is currently working on her newest album which will be produced by the mastermind, Micki Miller.  Blanche J provides private vocal lessons in person and via Skype. She is also the lead singer of Charlotte, NC band, 
The Queen's Guard.

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