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Who is Blanche J?

Blanche J is an indie soul singer originally from Wildwood, FL. An alumna of Florida A&M University, Blanche J relocated to Charlotte, NC in 2009. Her background in soul, R&B, gospel and classical music shines through in everything she sings.  She takes the most essential aspects of each genre of music and blends it beautifully, creating an artistically pleasant sound to the ear.  Blanche J released her newest single, Grey Skies, in November 2017. Grey Skies and additional Blanche J releases are available on all digital media outlets. Having teamed up with indie artist and producer, Micki Miller, of South Bend, Indiana; she recently released her debut album, voice memos: side a. 

" I want to be your favorite artist's favorite artist." - Blanche J


1.20 - Brunch. In Color ft. Blanche J & Brik.Liam (Dallas, TX) - SOLD OUT



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